Are XPE and EVA Materials Harmful to the Human Body?

Feb. 20, 2020

As an XPE Foam Manufacturer, share with you. Materials Analysis:

IXPE Foam uses low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) as the main raw materials, and adds a variety of chemical raw materials such as foaming agent AC. After mixing, processing and forming, it uses the high energy generated by industrial electron accelerators. An electron beam is irradiated, and then produced through a series of processing processes such as foaming, shaping, and post-processing.

XPE Foam

XPE Foam

High-end closed-cell foam material with mechanical properties, beautiful appearance, comfortable feel and good hot workability.

Compared with other types of foam materials:

It has many excellent properties such as fine and uniform cells, toughness, heat insulation, good sound insulation, high corrosion resistance, good resilience, small water absorption, and comfortable feel.

With its performance, it can be widely used in vehicle and ship manufacturing, air-conditioning and refrigeration, packaging, construction, engineering, agriculture, sporting goods, entertainment and daily life. Zh

XPE / IXPE products are called pollution-free products by advanced countries in the world. The production process of the products does not cause environmental pollution. After use, the products are easy to recycle and do not cause serious air pollution during incineration. EPS and PU products are easily weathered, not easy to recycle, and cause severe air pollution during incineration. Therefore, advanced countries in the world must use XPE or EPE and EPP as packaging products to allow import.

XPE foam features:

1. Insulation: Its delicate independent pore structure effectively reduces the energy exchange caused by air convection, and is suitable for making insulation pipes and panels. It also has anti-condensation properties, making it extremely suitable for use as a heat preservation material in humid environments such as refrigerators, air conditioners and cold storage.

2. Buffering property: its semi-rigid foam body can be reduced after being subjected to strong impact. It is used in the packaging of precision instruments, semiconductors, electronic products and other fields.

3. Sound insulation: Independent air holes can effectively reduce energy exchange, have the ability to block sound and transmit sound waves caused by impact, achieve silent and sound insulation effects from the surface, and are suitable for strong noise equipment such as automobiles and electric motors and sound-absorbing sound insulation materials in the environment.

4. Formability: Red XPE has strong heat resistance, good ductility, and uniform density. It can be used to form deep parts such as vacuum forming and thermoforming. Therefore, it can be used for interior decoration parts such as automotive air conditioning evaporation cabinets and automotive hot-pressed ceilings. Shoe materials.

5.XPE also has the properties of non-toxic, odorless, chemical resistance, oil resistance, acid resistance, halogen resistance and other various chemicals, and is very easy to process. It can be cut at will and bonded with a variety of materials, as a new generation of high efficiency Energy-saving, environment-friendly and energy-saving materials.

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