Do you Know What Kind of Camping Method is Right for you?

Jan. 29, 2021

As a Waterproof Camping Mat Wholesale, let me share with you. Sometimes you have to camp in the wild for long journeys. The complex outdoor environment and the high temperature difference between day and night. In order to have a good night’s sleep and ensure your own safety, you must choose the camping that suits you.

Waterproof Camping Mat

Waterproof Camping Mat

Tent camping

Tent camping is the main camping method for various outdoor activities such like field trips and mountain adventures, and it is also a camping method that is worthy of active promotion.

First of all, its characteristics are the closest to nature. There is no way to be closer to nature than sleeping tents. Think about the earth under you instead of Simmons, steel wire beds and concrete floors. Opening the tent door is everything in nature, without any concrete. Building blocks your sight, this is the real return to nature;

Second, it is a home that is easy to meet. As long as there are three square meters of flat ground under your feet, you can build a "home" enough for two people to live in. The lightest tent is only about 1 kilogram, as long as you have it on your body By the side, there is a house for shading, shelter from wind and rain, and also to help avoid wind, snow, cold currents, etc. It is our intimate companion for field trips, and with it, we can travel with peace of mind;

The third is the economical way of camping. When traveling outside, the most cost-effective accommodation is to stay in tents. The per capita cost is only about 3 yuan per person. Isn’t it cheap for 3 yuan a night to stay in tents? .

Outdoor camping

Sleeping in the street is a kind of exercise and test for our wild life, and it is also a rare life experience. In the weather without rain, strong wind, snow and frost, you can try to sleep in the open air without any shelters such as tents. You can choose to sleep under a big tree, spread a plastic sheet, a moisture-proof mat, and then put in a sleeping bag. You can cover the sleeping bag with a plastic sheet, or simply hang a rain-proof cloth on top of the bed. The problem for the host is To prevent dew and mosquitoes, you can put a layer of gauze on the headgear of the sleeping bag to prevent mosquitoes, or burn fireworks overnight. Smoke can prevent frost and reduce dew. In some rural areas, farmers can see farmers doing this to reduce frost. . Of course, do not sleep in the rainy season and winter. In addition, be careful not to sleep in the waterside and densely planted places, where there are many mosquitoes and it is not safe. At the same time, the temperature in the open air is generally about 5 degrees lower than in the tent, so you should add more clothing to prevent cold.

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