Share with you the Experience of Beach Camping

Jan. 22, 2021

As a Waterproof Camping Mat Wholesale, share it with everyone.

1. Sunscreen

put it on the front because it is easily overlooked. Many donkeys have a habit of staying indoors, their skin is moisturized, and their sun protection performance is poor. Exposing to the sun by the sea, you will get sunburn in two hours (perhaps shorter). I didn't feel the injury at the time, and the skin was red and sunburned. After a day or two, the skin will be painful and peeling, and even blisters. You can use towels and cold compresses to relieve pain, use moisturizers to replenish the moisture of the sunburned part, and add vitamin C to prevent melanin precipitation (if I envy Gu Tianle's skin tone, I haven't said it).

People who are active in the sun have better resistance to sunburn. You can also use sun-proof umbrellas (with silver coating). Or wear long-sleeved clothes. Of course, it’s better to wear sunscreen. Remember to refill it after swimming or sweating a lot.

Waterproof Camping Mat

Waterproof Camping Mat

2. Mosquitoes

The mosquitoes on the beach are no less attractive than the mountains. In addition to mosquitoes and flies, there is a kind of jumping lice on shallow beaches and beaches that is annoying. It bites (painful) people in shallow water and jumps around. Pay attention to wipe the mosquito repellent to avoid biting, and pull the mosquito net of the tent, and protect food, tableware, etc. (better not put it on the ground, you can put it in the bag). Sitting around a campfire is usually safe from bites.

3. Waterproof

The beach is wet for two or three days after it rains. If the tent floor is not well clothed, pay attention to moisture. You can bring a large plastic sheet. Hardware and building materials are all sold. Buy a 2*2 meter thick 1 mm piece that is very cheap and relatively strong (a large poncho can also be used). It can be laid under the tent to prevent water and moisture. It can be covered on the tent under heavy rain. How heavy the rain Can't be poured. Also pay attention to the time of ebb and flow. The sea that looks far away during the day may flood into the tent at night. You can ask local residents about the high tide time. It is safe to camp next to the dense vegetation close to the beach.

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