What is the Way to Sleep Soundly in the Wild?

Dec. 03, 2020

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Whether you are using a newly purchased sleeping bag that is quite bulky and comfortable or you have used a long-time and battle-tested sleeping bag, how to make yourself sleep comfortable is the first priority. Remember: the sleeping bag does not heat or heat itself, it just The best way to slow down or reduce the body's heat release is to store more heat energy in the body.

External environment

Keep away from bad environments. A tent in a comfortable position can increase the temperature by about 30 degrees. Do not choose a campsite at the bottom of a stream, because this is where cold air gathers, and do not camp on the ridgeline of the ridge. Choose a leeward surface or a forest or It is the method of using street sleeping bags or digging snow holes.

Waterproof Camping Mat

Waterproof Camping Mat

Full food

Food is fuel. Don’t have an empty stomach or an empty tank before going to bed. Eat some high-calorie foods before going to bed. At the same time, adequate water is very important to the body’s metabolic function. When you feel tired, wake up thirsty while sleeping, or when you If you want to drink water, drink plenty of water. You should urinate about four to five times a day. The urine should be transparent. If it is yellow, the body is still dehydrated.

Warm up

Sleeping bags don’t maintain and produce heat. Don’t get into the sleeping bag right away when you go to the camp. A body that is too tired and too cold is useless. Eat well and enough dinner and hot drinks, and then take a walk in the moonlight to avoid sweating. Standard to warm the body to sleep is comfortable. No matter what kind of sleeping bag is used in a humid environment, it will still be uncomfortable and poor in warmth. You might as well use a Gore-tex sleeping bag jacket, which can vent the body's water vapor outward, even if a little condensed in the tent Water or living in a snow cave is still comfortable.

When you can’t sleep peacefully, relax or sit still

There are many situations where someone can sleep soundly at home, but cannot sleep peacefully in the wild. Before going to bed, don't think about anything in your mind. Lie down quietly to allow your body to fully rest. You can drink some mild drinks or eat some biscuits when you are hungry. This can help you fall asleep. If you still can't sleep peacefully, you can sit still, try to blank your mind and stop moving.

Work hard to help sleep

Working as much as possible during the day can help sleep at night. Those who are not easy to fall asleep when camping in the wild, work as much as possible during the day, untie their belts before going to bed, check whether there are small branches or stones under the mat, and add more clothes to keep warm, so that it is easier to sleep at night.

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