Take you to Know Acrylic Foam Tape

Dec. 11, 2020

As an Acrylic Foam Tape Manufacturer, share with you. Acrylic foam tape, also known as acrylic foam tape. Because different materials have different elongation rates when the temperature changes. During the life cycle of the components, structural bonding needs to bear the effects of static and dynamic forces, and the resulting stress needs to be dispersed. Acrylic foam tape can be used as this bonding substrate to achieve simple and permanent bonding between different materials. It is structurally fixed without causing any damage to the material itself: this is because it ensures a stable bond between various materials, even if it is applied between bonding panels with different elongations, it can still withstand extreme temperature changes. 

Acrylic Foam Tape

Acrylic Foam Tape

1. Three main features of acrylic foam tape:

1. Adhesion

Realize strong and durable bonding, even on materials with different surface characteristics

Excellent chemical resistance, adapt to different bonding surfaces

Adhesive tape can well infiltrate rough and uneven bonding surfaces

2. Stress dispersion

Acrylic foam tape can excellently compensate static or dynamic stress during the entire life cycle of the component, and is suitable for surface bonding

Unique viscoelasticity can disperse external stress and ensure strong and durable bonding

When the temperature changes extremely, it can compensate for the thermal expansion and contraction between different materials

3. Temperature and weather resistance

Excellent adhesion can cope with the influence of different climates, such as rain, sunlight, etc.

Acrylic material composed of chemical bonds between molecules creates strong oxidation resistance

After a special curing reaction, the acrylic foam tape has excellent temperature resistance

The main application areas of foam tape:

Automotive industry

Acrylic foam series adhesive tapes are suitable for permanent fixing of car body exterior parts, especially the bonding of car body curves and corners.

Acrylic foam tape has strong adhesion to materials with different surface characteristics such as automotive exterior parts and varnishes. During the life of the whole vehicle, because the body and exterior parts have different thermal expansion rates, static or dynamic stress is likely to be generated and act on the bonding part. The viscoelastic properties of acrylic foam tape can achieve the best effect of stress dispersion. In addition, the product can also achieve waterproof sealing of exterior parts to prevent noise and respond to extreme weather such as extreme heat, cold, rain and snow.

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