How to Identify Dehydration Early?

Dec. 19, 2020

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Engaging in manual labor, walking, and sports in a hot climate will sweat a lot and emit body temperature. Although sweating is a physiological regulation, excessive sweating and insufficient fluid supplementation will cause dehydration and affect health. In mild cases, thirst, oliguria, fatigue, and muscle cramps may occur. In severe cases, heat stroke, high temperature, and even life-threatening may occur. Such incidents are more likely to occur among workers engaged in outdoor activities, athletes, obese people, the elderly, frail and fatigued, and young sports enthusiasts. Long-term indoor activities in summer, due to poor air circulation, even under air-conditioned conditions, the human body will lose a lot of body fluids through non-obvious sweating methods such as evaporation, breathing, urination, air conditioning dehumidification, and cause fatigue, thirst and other dehydration signs.

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"Thirst" is certainly a very important dehydration signal for the body's self-protection. It tells us that the body is dehydrated and needs to be refilled in time. In fact, "thirst" is not the only signal. Before this, some people often have early symptoms such as decreased urine output, darker urine, wrinkled skin, physical fatigue, and decreased appetite. Dehydration develops further and symptoms worsen. It can also manifest as emotional irritability, increased body temperature, increased heart rate, slowness of feeling, lack of concentration, and decreased coordination of exercise or labor, which can easily cause sports injuries. When dehydration reaches the above state, it indicates that dehydration has affected human cells, tissues and organs, and cells are already hungry, which is the "body thirst" often mentioned in modern sports medicine. If it is not corrected in time, it may further develop into severe dehydration, heatstroke or shock and other fever.

Therefore, to "prevent dehydration", we should first pay attention to the early symptoms of dehydration. Secondly, for people who are susceptible, and those who engage in labor, sports, and activities in hot weather, supplementary fluids should be given in advance. Depending on the sweating situation, add a small amount of fluid at any time. The latest sports medicine research has found that it is necessary to supplement athletes with electrolyte-containing sports drinks before, during and after exercise to protect their health and improve their physical fitness. This fluid rehydration principle also applies to all heavy sweaters and young sports enthusiasts. Studies have found that when body fluid loss reaches 1%, athletic performance decreases, the risk of heat illness increases, physical recovery slows, and the possibility of infection increases. When the body fluid loss reaches 2%, sports performance drops by 30%, and fever and sports injuries may occur. In order to prevent the effects of dehydration on physiological functions, physical education classes in schools are often arranged after other courses, which are more in line with the physiological principles of the human body.

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