What are the Different Types of Double-Sided Adhesives?

Aug. 17, 2020

As a Double Sided Foam Tape Supplier, share with you. Double-sided tapes are viable as well as affordable options to adhesive. Not only are they simple to use onto surface areas, they are also much safer to utilize for employees; with double-sided tapes, workers won't have to bother with skin damage, breathing in chemical fumes, and other dangers related to the use of glue.

Double-Sided Tapes come in different forms, sizes and also types, and there can be kinds that are suited for specific applications. There are those that are appropriate for enhancing, some can be utilized for mounting posters on wall surfaces, while there are those that can be made use of for sticking pieces of timber with each other, among others.

PE Foam Tape

PE Foam Tape

To help you identify which kind is best used for which objective, we have actually listed down several of the most commonly-used kinds. Have a look at them below:

Cells tape

Amongst one of the most commonly-used double-sided tapes are those that are covered with tissue paper. Used extensively for a large number of stationery, art, office and basic applications, double-sided cells tapes are convenient to make use of due to the fact that they are very easy to rip off, and are thin sufficient that they can abide by irregular surfaces. They are also inexpensive, making them feasible options to adhesive for light bonding tasks.

Acrylic tape

Acrylic double-sided tapes have a great deal of commercial uses because of a variety of attributes. They follow surface areas far better than tissue tape, and also they have excellent weather resistance, making them ideal for both indoor as well as exterior use. Because of these, though, they should just be utilized when irreversible bonding is needed.

PE Foam Tape

Double-sided polyethylene foam tapes have features dividing it from its tissue and acrylic counterparts. Because it is made from polyethylene, it gives thick cushioning, allows absorption of hefty effect, supplies insulation, and also can moisten audios caused by surface resonance. Some products are additionally readily available in various shapes for practical use; you can get them in strips, in pads or in dots.

Plate placing tape

Plate installing tapes are made use of greatly by the printing market. They are used for safeguarding flexographic print plates on the cylinders or sleeves of mass printing machines. Given that the sleeves and also cyndrical tubes of the machines revolve at very high speeds, it is important for the mounted plates to be able to remain in place during the printing process. Plate mounting tapes are developed especially to be able to withstand this strong usage.

Flooring tape

There are also double-sided tape kinds that are optimized for usage on floor surface areas; these tapes commonly have outstanding shear resistance so they can keep whatever it is they are applied on in position. One instance of this is flooring carpet tape, which is utilized to ensure that carpets stay in area. Floor tape can also be utilized to secure plastic sheet flooring.

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