Is Foam Tape Waterproof?

Aug. 21, 2020

As a Double Sided Foam Tape Supplier, share with you. Foam tapes are offered in an option of high-strength, durable materials that offer a series of uses in several day-to-day or custom applications. In this short article, we'll take a look at foam tape in even more deepness, the sectors that use it as well as typical applications. In addition to product selection, we'll be going over width as well as just how this effects utilize as well as benefits.

PE EVA Foam Tape

PE EVA Foam Tape

Is foam tape waterproof?

This is an inquiry we are frequently asked, and the solution depends on the material that is chosen. A selection of material selections are readily available that are exceptional for waterproofing as well as tightening up in applications such as window and door frames, roof and other construction use. Shut cell materials are best for waterproofing applications because of the thick nature of the product which does not permit the access of moisture.

Foam tape insulation and other advantages.

Foam tape has exceptional insulating properties and suits a variety of usages as well as purposes. Products such as EPDM as well as PVC supply excellent insulating residential properties for foam tape. A number of benefits of foam tapes include:.

Air securing.

Moisture obstacle protection.


Building and construction seal.

Thermal insulation.

Dust sealing.

UV resistance Corrosion resistance.

Void dental filling.

Foam tape has a range of shielding residential or commercial properties that are resilient and easy to use. Along with specialist insulating job work, foam tape is also great for day-to-day jobs. As the first choice for a closed compression, foam tapes are exceptional for those hard to get to locations and also can be produced to custom widths.

Double-sided foam tape.

An additional easy means of using Foam Tape Double Sided is by using a self-adhesive variant. The resin is put on one side of the tape, whilst the foam material is on the various other. Popular in the building and construction market due to its high stamina as well as simplicity of use, its application is fast as well as tidy with no requirement to use alternative adhesives.

Available materials for foam tape, consisting of double-sided foam tape:





Polyethylene foam.

PVC foam.

Polyurethane foam.

Strong rubber.

If you have any type of more questions on foam rubber tape, its usages and applications, please get in touch with one of our well-informed team members. Or, merely browse our glossary to get more information regarding cellular foam conversion.

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