What Temperature Range is Suitable for Waterproof Foam Tape?

Jul. 13, 2020

As a PE Foam Tape Manufacturer, share with you. Waterproof foam tape with EVA or PE foam as the base material, coated with solvent-based (or hot melt) the pressure-sensitive adhesive on one or both sides and then made of release paper. Has excellent sealing, compression deformation, flame retardancy, wetting, shock absorption and other characteristics. Waterproof foam tape is widely used in electronic and electrical products, mechanical parts, all kinds of small household appliances, mobile phone accessories, industrial instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, auto parts, audio-visual equipment, toys, cosmetics, etc.

PE EVA Foam Tape

PE EVA Foam Tape

The main features of foam tape:

1. The waterproof foam tape has the excellent sealing performance to avoid gas release and atomization.

2. Excellent compression deformation, that is, elastic durability, can obtain long-term shock protection of accessories.

3. It is flame retardant, does not contain harmful toxic substances, will not remain, will not pollute the equipment, and the metal will not corrode.

4. It can be used in various temperature ranges, from negative degrees Celsius to a usable degree.

5. The surface of the waterproof foam tape has excellent wettability, easy to bond, easy to make, and easy to punch.

6. Long stickiness, great peelability, strong initial stickiness, good weather resistance! Waterproof, solvent resistant, high temperature resistant, good adhesion to curved surfaces.

Storage, transportation and maintenance of tape.

1. The tape should be stored in the warehouse to avoid the sun and rain; it is forbidden to contact with the organic solvent of acid, alkali and oil, and keep it clean and dry. It is 1m away from the discovery device and the room temperature is between -15℃ and 40℃.

2. The tape should be placed in rolls, not folded, and turned over quarterly when stored for too long.

3. It is best to use a crane when loading and unloading the conveyor belt, and use the rigging with a cross beam to steadily lift it to avoid damaging the belt edge. Do not load and unload it arbitrarily, causing loose rolls.

4. The type and specifications of the adhesive tape should be selected reasonably according to the use needs and specific conditions.

5. It is not allowed to connect (match) different types of tapes with different specifications, models, strengths, and layers of cloth together.

6. Conveyor belt joints are best to use hot vulcanization glue to improve reliability and maintain a high effective strength.

7. The diameter of the conveyor roller and the minimum pulley diameter of the conveyor belt should meet the relevant regulations.

8. Do not make the tape snake or creep, keep the tow roller, the vertical roller is flexible, and the tension is moderate.

9. When the conveyor is equipped with baffles and cleaning devices, the wear of the tape should be avoided.

10. Cleanliness is the basic condition for good running of the tape. Foreign substances can affect the tape eccentricity, tension difference, and even breakage.

11. When it is found that the tape has early damage during use, it should find the cause and repair it in time to avoid the occurrence of adverse consequences.

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