How to Find a Suitable Camping Site?

Mar. 10, 2020

Camping is a simple task. Bring a tent, Waterproof Camping Mat, and other basic equipment to find a good place to camp. But camping is very particular about it. Incorrect location may lead to bad rest. If you are negligent, you may even encounter dangerous situations such as mudslides, river floods, and animal invasion. As a Waterproof Camping Mat Wholesale, share with you.

Choosing a campground for outdoor travel is arguably the most important thing.

Waterproof Camping Mat

Waterproof Camping Mat

After a lot of hard work, I arrived at the campsite with my equipment and ingredients, and finally I was ready to rest! But don't worry. After arriving at the campsite, take off your backpack and take a rest. Take a walk around the campsite to observe the environment of the campsite to avoid possible dangerous situations. Make sure you are safe before you start camping.

In different terrain environments, the matters needing attention are different, but there are still common senses that can be shared by many campsites. There are three knowledge points for campsite selection that are common to all campsites: high terrain, flat terrain, and open campsites.

The camp should be selected in a higher place, especially in areas with rivers. Remember not to camp directly by the river. This is because if it rains upstream of the river's water source, the river may skyrocket. Even if there is no river water source in the local area, low-lying places are prone to many problems, ranging from the low-lying wet problems to the large ones that may be harmed by falling trees and rocks. Therefore, when choosing a campsite, you must choose the campsite in a higher place, as far as 5 meters above the river.

In addition to the terrain, I also need to pay attention to whether the camp is wide enough. The open terrain with high terrain can provide excellent vision, which is convenient for observing possible dangers, so as to avoid in advance, such as seeing dark clouds from a distant black cloud, and making rain prevention measures in advance. Don't tie the tent on the edge of the cliff or under the tree, to avoid falling rocks and falling trees to hurt us.

However, sometimes the slightly sloping ground is hard to detect with the naked eye. At this time, a trick can come in handy. You just need to place a bottle of mineral water full of water on the ground and see if it rolls aside. If there is no completely flat campsite, this method can also be used to set up the tent along the slope. Although it is not better than a completely flat campsite, as long as you follow the slope completely, you can sleep well with your head and feet raised.

In addition to the above points, there is the need to avoid the air vents as far as possible and find sheltered places to camp. If you really want to camp in the wind, pay attention to the tent's nails and wind ropes.

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