What are the Tips for Using Foam Double-Sided Tape?

Mar. 30, 2020

The foam double-sided adhesive that we use every day is generally tearable and can be used, but is the actual foam double-sided adhesive used like this? The answer is definitely no, why do you say that? Let Foam Tape Wholesale show you how to use foam double-sided tape correctly. After reading it, you may find that you have been using double-sided tape in the wrong way for so many years!

Double Sided PVC Foam Tape

Double Sided PVC Foam Tape

The correct method of sticking foam double-sided tape:

1. Before placing the plate, we place the plate, tape and the plate cylinder at the same room temperature for a period of time;

2. The plate and the plate cylinder must be cleaned before mounting.

3. If the plate is pasted on the sleeve, the minimum air pressure must be used to prevent the sleeve from deforming;

4. The joint of foam double-sided tape should be staggered with the joint of printing plate;

5. When sticking the tape, it is best to use a rubber scraper to sweep the tape evenly on the roller in a parallel sweeping manner, and there should be no air bubbles between the tape and the plate roller;

6. Before determining the position of the printing plate, avoid premature contact between the printing plate and the tape. After determining the printing position, remove the protective layer of the tape while attaching the printing plate to the tape in a parallel scanning manner;

7. When cleaning the printing plate during the printing process, avoid contacting the cleaning solvent with the tape to avoid damaging the tape;

8. When removing the printing plate from the tape, the angle between the printing plate and the tape should not be greater than 90 degrees.

9. Leave the plate interface at about 5mm. Using 3M 1600 electrical insulation tape to seal the plate works well. It can effectively avoid the ink pollution caused by the plate interface warping caused by scratching, and it is very economical.

The role of Double Sided PVC Foam Tape: it has a good fit for curved and uneven surfaces, and is a breakthrough new product for problems such as heavy workability extension and fracture. At the same time, it has good impact and absorption, and has Compression mountability and processability. In addition, LCD and other components are used. Foam double-sided tape is an excellent and clean product.

Uses of foam double-sided tape:

1. It has excellent fast bonding performance. It is mainly suitable for rough and irregular surfaces. It is generally used to paste nameplates, logos, mirrors, maps, etc. It is also used in sound attenuation and vibration reduction. Glass plate surface pad fixed and so on.

2. It can also be used for buffering of mobile phones (speakers, microphones around), buffering of front frame / backlight frame.

3. Foam double-sided tape is used for insulating gaskets, buffers, and seals of hard disks, and is used for shading around LCDs.

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