How to Maximize the Adhesive Strength of Foam Tape

Oct. 24, 2020

PE EVA Foam Tape

 PE EVA Foam Tape

Usage of Foam Tape

1. Remove the dust and oil stains sticking to the surface of the object before pasting, and keep it dry (do not paste it when the wall is wet on rainy days). If used to paste the mirror, it is recommended to clean the surface with alcohol first.

2. The working temperature should not be lower than 10℃ when pasting; otherwise, an electric hairdryer can be used to properly heat the adhesive tape and paste surface.

3, pressure-sensitive adhesive tape in the paste after 24 hours to play the best effect (paste when the tape as tight as possible), so paste vertical load-bearing objects such as mirror, on both sides, have been stuck, the first flat 24 hours.

In the absence of such conditions, support should be applied to a load-bearing object within 24 hours of vertical adhesion.

Generally speaking, foam tape is widely used because it can fully absorb the gap of the adhered body and overcome the uneven defect of the adhered body.

It has good buffering property, excellent creep resistance, and can bear the load for a long time.

At present, foam tape is widely used in mechanical parts, electronic and electrical products, mobile phone accessories, all kinds of small home appliances, computers and peripheral equipment, auto parts, medical instruments, industrial instruments, audio and video equipment, shelf display, home decoration, acrylic glass, shock-proof packaging, and other fields.

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