How to Distinguish Between Double-Sided Tape?

Apr. 15, 2020

There are many double-sided tapes, but how to distinguish? In fact, it is very simple, as long as you recognize the base material of each double-sided tape, but there are several common types of double-sided tape. Today Double Sided PVC Foam Tape Wholesale analyzes with you.

Double Sided PVC Foam Tape

Double Sided PVC Foam Tape

1. Double-sided adhesive tape

Double-sided adhesive tape is made of cotton as the substrate, coated with high-viscosity tape pressure-sensitive adhesive on both sides, and is made of double-sided release material as the anti-sticking layer; PET high-temperature tape has a high viscosity, easy peeling, easy to use, etc. Characteristics, suitable for clothing, decoration, decoration, postal industry, manufacturing, etc.

2. Masking tape

This series of products use textured paper, colored textured paper, rubber, etc. as raw materials, with no residual glue, easy to use, widely used in high temperature environment, normal temperature environment paint protection treatment, protection and fixing effect, suitable for electronics, hardware, Baking paint and fixing in electrical appliances, stationery, office and construction industries.

3. Kraft paper adhesive tape

It is made of kraft paper and coated with hot-melt adhesive or rubber pressure-sensitive adhesive. It is mainly used for carton packaging, paper making and paper clothing sticking hair, and peeling PE layer for processing. It is an environmentally friendly adhesive.


4. Cloth adhesive tape

This series of products are mainly made of tarpaulin, rubber glue and hot melt, with various colors, color separation of the construction area, strong moisture resistance, suitable for heavy packaging and sealing, cables, avoidance protection, widely used for carpet connection Seam fixing, avoiding protection in construction and decoration industry.

5. Foam adhesive tape

Double Sided PVC Foam Tape is a semi-finished product made of low-density PE foam as the substrate, coated with high-viscosity pressure-sensitive adhesive on one or both sides, and compound silicon release material, which can be cut into finished products of any specifications. Scope of application: It is used in the electronic and electrical industry, die-cutting and punching, decoration and building materials, advertising signs, aluminum-plastic plate KT board and other anti-vibration adhesive fixing.

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