For Camping in the Wild, is your Camping Location Really Correct?

May. 12, 2020

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The world is so big, we should not be limited to one place. It's good to go out and go, such as taking a home for a long journey, it is really an enviable romantic life.

For travelers, one of the benefits of RVs is that they can park and camp at anytime and anywhere, but they are not suitable for parking anywhere. Compared to spring and summer, the climate is relatively pleasant. The current temperature is autumn and winter. And camping, we should think carefully.

Waterproof Camping Mat

Waterproof Camping Mat

In general, RVs must have three conditions-water, electricity, and sewage to be used as houses.

Close to water

Camping rest must choose to be close to the water source, such as choosing to be near streams, lakes and rivers. However, you can't park your RV on the beach or beside the stream. Once there is heavy rain or the discharge of upstream reservoirs, flash floods, etc., there will be danger to life, especially when the local is in the rainy season or in flash flood areas, you should try to avoid it.

Leeward direction

Camping in the wild should consider the leeward problem, especially in some valleys and river beaches, you should choose a leeward place, and pay attention to the direction of the car door to not face the wind. The leeward is not only for camping, but also for the use of fire for picnics and barbecues.

Away from the cliff

When camping, you cannot park your RV under the cliff. In autumn and winter, the north wind roars. Once a sudden strong wind blows from the mountain, it is very likely that the gravel and other objects on the mountain will be scraped off, which will not only cause damage to the car body. More likely to be dangerous.

Close to the village

Choosing to park near the village for camping is a very sensible choice when traveling by car. If there is an urgent matter near the village, you can ask the villagers for help. The benefits of the village are more prominent when there is no firewood, vegetables, food, etc., and it is more deserted than living The suburbs are more secure.

Shade direction

If you decide to park in a place where you have lived for more than two days, you should choose a shaded place for camping under good weather conditions. For example, under big trees and on the north side of the mountain, it is best to shine in the sun instead of in the evening. Sun, in this case, if you choose to rest during the day, you can regularly open the windows to maintain ventilation so that the inside of the RV is not too stuffy.

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