• PE foam tape IXPE foam 3mm    33KG
  • PE foam tape IXPE foam 3mm    33KG
  • PE foam tape IXPE foam 3mm    33KG
  • PE foam tape IXPE foam 3mm    33KG

PE foam tape IXPE foam 3mm 33KG


Product Description

Chemical cross linked PE foam (xpe foam), is made of low density polyethylene resin with crosslinking agent and foaming agent through high temperature continuous foaming, high tensile strength, bubble hole fine, colorless, tasteless and non-volatile

Main function

1. Good waterproof and moisture-proof performance;

2. Good shock absorption and buffer performance

3. Good thermal insulation performance

4. Good sound insulation performance;

5. Good weather resistance, aging resistance and corrosion resistance;

6. XPE is environmentally friendly, non-toxic and light material;

Product application field

1. Heat preservation and insulation performance, corrosion resistance, strong weather resistance, is the ideal material for air conditioning heat preservation

2. Sound insulation, heat insulation, moisture resistance, and light weight make XPE foam widely used in the field of automotive interior decoration.

Such as car duct, fender, door membrane, etc

3. Sound insulation and shock absorption performance, widely used for building thermal insulation, floor sound insulation and shock absorption, wall collision buffer, wall sound insulation, waterproof and moisture-proof and other purposes.

Product Density and Size

Conventional density: 33KG /M³ 50KG/M³ 67KG/M³ 100KG/M³ etc hardness 0.5mm-10mm

Test data

Here is the test data of the commonly used density of about 33KG. thickness 10mm

Chamical Cross Linked PE Foam(XPE Foam)

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